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Welcome to Phonetic Fusion


Invented by a beloved reading teacher who retired after twenty-six years, Phonetic Fusion is a powerful, back-to-basics approach to teaching anyone to read.  First, it teaches students to recognize the differences between the way individual letters look and sound.  Then, through the time-honored technique of phonetic blending, students seehear, speak, and write letters in combination.  Next, they are taught how letters blend into words.  As the number of words increase, students learn to use them together in phrases and sentences so that the words become meaningfully implanted in the student's vocabulary. 

​Sure, this step-by-step journey to learning to read might be considered old-fashioned by some,

but here’s something that will never go out of fashion:  It works.  

Phonetic Fusion
Phonetic Fusion

The Program

Any first-time reader or frustrated reader of any age can be taught to read using Phonetic Fusion. 

This includes children entering school, but also includes adolescents, teens and adults who never truly mastered reading

because they never learned the basics and built on them to become truly proficient.  

Becoming a proficient reader is a joy.  Everyone should have that opportunity.


Phonetic Fusion leaves no one behind, because each lesson builds on the next.  And because it includes both an Instructor Manual and a Student Manual, it makes both teaching and learning how to read easy, fun and effective.


At an introductory price of just $29.99, with other programs costing hundreds of dollars, Phonetic Fusion

may be the most cost-effective reading proficiency program in existence.



The Phonetic Fusion Instructor Manual makes it simple to teach anyone to read.  Really.  It’s a step-by-step script of just what to say and do to make sure each lesson is easily understood by any student. You bring the desire to teach someone, Phonetic Fusion delivers the rest.



Students follow along with the teacher, never feeling alone in their learning.  They take one simple step after another toward mastery, building skills and confidence all the way along.  No annoying software to deal with.  No games. Just good,

old-fashioned learning that doesn’t hurt at all and truly works wonders.

The Program


Jeanette N. Ablow, M.Ed.

As a professional reading specialist for twenty-six years, I worked with hundreds of children whose inability to decode printed words had sabotaged not only their learning, but their self-esteem. I became committed to developing a user-friendly program to help guide frustrated readers toward mastery of reading skills. 

My step-by-step program based on a proven technique for building reading skills: phonetic blending. With the help of a dedicated teacher, tutor, or family member, it is an effective method not only for improving reading ability but also for teaching non-readers to read for the very first time. Community literacy workers would find this program an ideal instructional tool. 

My phonetic blending technique creates a path to reading success. It brings students back to the basics of recognizing letter differences in form and sound. They then learn to see, hear, speak, and write them in combination. Letters blend into words, and as the number of words increase, they are used together in phrases and sentences and become meaningfully implanted in the pupil's vocabulary. 

The key to the program is "mastery". The student must master each lesson before proceeding to the next, even if the lesson has to be repeated with the help of an optimistic instructor many times. This is partly because reading skills build upon each other, but also because nurturing the ultimate goal of independent learning demands a series of small successes that bolster confidence and self-esteem.

Indeed, a positive, supportive attitude on the part of the instructor is as important a contribution as any other toward the student's success. The instructor must be aware that every teacher-pupil interaction in my program offers the chance to impact a very valuable skill to a very valuable person - something that I have loved about my work for many years. 

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